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These unique 1on1 sessions will allow athletes, along with the trainer, to put together a training plan with specific short/long-term goals in mind. Common training objectives may include fundamentals:

  • Shooting

  • Ball-Handling

  • Passing 

  • Pick & Roll play

  • Position skill-work

  • Agility & Explosivity work


   Small Group

Competitive and intense, these sessions are designed to get the most out of each athlete and their respective skill sets. Each workout will have a theme that will focus on a specific skill(s) and it's in-game application(s). Some themes may include:

  • Scoring on all 4 levels​

  • Micro skills

  • 1on1 scoring efficiency

  • Footwork 

  • Read & React


Team & Academy

Sessions will follow SBA's training curriculum with clearly outlined goals and outcomes for each session. A building-block approach will link sessions together and promote growth. 

  • Team Offense & Defense

  • Floor Spacing

  • Ball movement

  • Player movement

  • Strength & Conditioning

  • Mindset training 

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