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SBA's academy training program will work in partnership with the Elite Sports Programme at Sotogrande International School to manage education. This partnership offers a solution for

balancing the high academic and athletic demands placed on elite student-athletes. The program is divided into Junior Champions and Elite Champions classifications respectively. The ultimate goal is for student-athletes to leave the programme ready for university scholarships and beyond.

Junior Champions

Ages 14 - 16 (School Year M4 - M5), Junior Champions study the core subjects of the IB Middle Years Programme (MYP) until 13:30. Afternoons will be spent training with SBA.


MYP's core subjects include:


  • English

  • Mathematics

  • Humanities

  • Language Acquisition  

Upon completion of the programme at the end of M5, students-athletes will attain all the qualifications necessary to become Elite Champions. 

Elite Champions

This programme is designed to optimise elite athletes academics capabilities while they fully immerse themselves in their athletic training. Student-athletes study international A-Levels (Business Studies, Economics, and Mathematics). PreSAT Math and English is also integral part of academic workload to prepare for SAT, which is required for acceptance into U.S College/Universities. 


Elite Champions will graduate with 3 major qualifications:

  • International A-Levels

  • SAT Score

  • High school transcript and GPA

A-Levels and SAT, along with high school transcript & GPA, give students-athletes the options to stay in Europe or go the US following graduation.


The boarding house hosts a diverse community of more than 75 students from over 22 different countries. The new ultra-modern first class boarding house, set to open September 2021, will be located on Sotogrande International School's sprawling beautiful campus, offering students-athletes unimpeded easy access to training facilities afterschool, on weekends, and during holiday breaks if necessary. 


Boarding provides exceptional accommodation, academic support, and an outstanding array of extra-curricular activities to keep boarders entertained on evenings and weekends. The boarding house staff prides itself on having a safe and welcoming environment where students can thrive. 

There are a variety of boarding options from full boarding and host families through to occasional family support.


New boarding coming in 2022...

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