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Maximizing the capabilities of each athlete is at the core of Summit Basketball Academy's philosophy on player development. Training takes place using a variety of facilities on site at SIS including both indoor and outdoor pitches and a fully functioning fitness suite.  


Training programs will be crafted to fit the specified needs of each player, helping them to develop their minds, bodies, and basketball skills to reach peak performance in combination with the academic side of the programme.


Each student-athlete will be evaluated athletically and skill-wise upon enrollment . The information gathered during the evaluation process will be used to create an individualized training program that will concentrate on all aspects of athletic performance. Our goal is to continue developing strengths, while improving weaknesses. This will be accomplished through goal setting and hitting targets that will be clearly defined with the athlete. Progress tracking will allow for athletes to actively participate in their development and see the improvement. 


Basketball skill development will happen on a daily-basis and will involve both individual and group components. There will be times during a session where athletes will individually perform different drills specific to their skill set  (i.e ball-handling, shooting, scoring), and other times where athletes will be in small or larger groups and work on team offense & defense, read & react, pick & roll, and other game play concepts. Generally, each session will adhere to a predetermined theme.  


Strength and conditioning sessions will happen 3-4 times per week and be focused on getting each athlete physically stronger without sacrificing functionality, agility, speed, and athleticism. Calisthenics, weight-training, yoga & pilates, and core strength training are some of the methods that will be used during our sessions.


Mindset training will be as present in all that we do with our athletes from the moment they enroll to the moment they leave. These training techniques and sessions will help athletes perform at their best physically and mentally on and off the court. It will help them to get to know their strengths and weaknesses, how to best navigate failure, and the stresses of competition and everyday life. 


Film analysis and breakdowns will be down on a weekly basis. It will be done individually and in a group setting to give athletes the opportunity to grow and learn about their own game as well as different game-play concepts on both sides of the ball.


Thanks to great relationships cultivated in the region,  athletes will have the opportunity to practice an additional  3 times a week and play on the weekends with one of the many local federated clubs in the area. Which club the athlete will be placed with will be based on their age and skill level.


Scholarship opportunities are available to a few selected student-athletes joining SBA. Each athlete will have to submit a CV outlining their athletic and academic achievements as well recent video (game) footage and a reference from their coach. 


Through it's vast network of contacts, Summit Basketball Academy will be able to map out future pathways and help to take advantage of opportunities, and provide expert advice to student-athletes who wish to pursue a post secondary education while playing at a North American College/University (NCAA I/II/III, NAIA, NJCAA, CIS). 

Evan Pellerin

Founder & Training Coordinator 

Widely regarded as one of the Top 10 high school basketball players in Canada in the year 2001, earned a scholarship to play at NCAA Div. I Morgan State University where he received MEAC All-Academic recognition. In 2003 transferred to NCAA Div. II powerhouse Stonehill College, where in 2005 he received NE-10 All-Conference, NABC All-Region, and All-American honors.


Upon attaining a Bachelor's Degree in Multidisciplinary Studies with a concentration in Health & Wellness, he began a long and illustrious 16yr professional basketball career. His career has taken him all over Europe, most notably France & Switzerland, ultimately landing him in Spain where he most recently played  for CB Benahavis in Marbella, Spain.


Alongside his successful career as a player, there has always been a deep passion to give back to the next generation of players, and as he says, "leave the game better off then he inherited it". Over the years he has been able to gain a wealth of experience training, coaching, and mentoring young athletes in Canada, the U.S, and throughout Europe. 


After relocating full-time to Spain from France in 2019, he accepted a position to create and execute an after school basketball program at Sotogrande International School. Through his work there he identified a need for high level basketball training for the youth in the region. Shortly thereafter in 2019, SBA was created to fill this void and give aspiring players an opportunity to access training that would help them reach their full potential.

Via a relentless work ethic and attention to detail, he takes pride in getting the most out of each player he works with. As a result of his many years of experience, he relies on a battle-tested method of training, coaching, and mentorship. The goal is to ensure that players grow and improve each day as individuals both on and off the court. 

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