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Take your game to new heights!

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Who are we?

Summit Basketball Academy (SBA) offers prospective student-athletes ages 14 -18 a multi-faceted, progressive, and complete basketball training experience to help them reach their full potential both on an off the court. 

Training Programs




Having the undivided attention of the trainer, athletes will be able to really hone in on their  weaknesses, continue to develop strengths, and dive into the many nuances of the game.




Small Group

Athletes will work on many different modern-day fundamentals both on the offensive and defensive side of ball, while being in a competitive environment with their peers.  



team & Academy

Sessions will be tailored to larger groups that will focus on both offensive and defensive team concepts and developing fundamentals through skill work. 

There are no shortcuts to success!!

Are you ready to unlock your full potential?



Located in the beautiful Costa del Sol region of Spain, SBA is able to offer its student-athletes both indoor and outdoor training options all-year around. SBA primary base of operations is the stunningly modern Sotogrande International School, located in the Cadiz province of Spain. All academic, athletic, and living accommodation needs unite on the schools newly-renovated campus. 

Elite Development

Through SBA's intensive 10-month training curriculum, student-athletes will be exposed to everything that they will need to achieve basketball excellence.

  • Individual skill work sessions

  • Strength & Conditioning 

  • Prehab & Mobility 

  • Yoga, Pilates & Meditation sessions

  • Active recovery & Pool training

  • Team/Individual offense and defense spacing concepts 

  • Shooting

  • Ball-Handling

  • Pick & Roll 

  • Read & React

  • Mindset

  • Film Analysis

  • & much more....





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